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Rodent Control in Visalia California

With more residential communities developing in rural areas, homeowners are experiencing greater intrusion from unwanted critters displaced from their natural habitats. Homes are now becoming nesting places where animals live within attics, chimneys, sub-floors, and various other places within a residence. These unwanted house guests can damage properties and possibly expose your family to diseases such as rabies, ringworms, and Lyme disease. Count on PestMan Termite & Pest Control of Visalia California, to provide quick and efficient rodent control.

  • Interior

    Interior TreatmentAn interior treatment is very inobtrusive. It involves treating around the exterior baseboards of the home. As insects cross back and forth across the baseboards...
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  • Exterior

    Exterior TreatmentAs part of every PestMan Service, the area surrounding your home will be treated in order to keep invading insects at bay. This insect barrier will extend around...
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  • Eave

    Eave TreatmentOne of our most popular services is our eave treatment. Every time you receive a scheduled service you can expect to find your eaves swept and pest free...
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